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Thanks for stopping by. Although we are still in the process of developing this site to serve you better, it still has some good information to get you started. You can subscribe to our RSS feed and get notified when we update the site, or  you can visit our sister site by clicking here, or watch any of our product videos on our YouTube channel by clicking here.

Call 843-785-3399 in South Carolina or 888-804-7959 in Savannah for a no cost “shop at home” consultation or stop by The Windows of Hilton Head on Arrow Road to see samples of our very own Exus Shutters.  In the mean time, here are some videos.       ~Jeff~

* * *

Savannah Wood Shutters, 2 1/2” Louvers.

* * *

Custom Wood Shutters, 3 1/2” Louvers with Hidden Tilt from Norman Shutters

Norman Shutters have been a long time favorite of mine because of the consistent quality and unmatched price. One of the drawbacks is that their price point wood shutter line is not available in custom colors. Eighty percent of the time we are able to pick a color from their stock colors.

Below is a photo gallery. To view a larger image, click on a picture. To close it and return to the gallery, click on it again.  843-785-3399.

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Below is a short video we shot while installing for a local designer.  We ran into a small problem when we discovered the window had a slight bow in it.  Here, Jeff walks us through the solution to the problem window.